My top 10 list recommended of arm-friendly strings

Babolat Xcel (click for more info) Pacific Tough Gut (click for more info)
Babolat Addiction (click for more info) Tecnifibre NRG (click for more info)
Babolat VS Team (click for more info) Prince Premier Touch (click for more info)
Head FXP (click for more info) Wilson NXT (click for more info)
Head IntelliTour (click for more info) Yonex Tour Super Solid X (click for more info)

Tennis strings are rated by the United States Racquet Stringer’s Association based on playability, durability, power, control, touch/feel comfort, spin potential, holding tension and resistance to movement. All of these factors are related to how they affect your on court play and long term value of the string; however they have no meaning to someone who gets tennis elbow and is unable to play. The most important characteristics of tennis strings when it comes to the health of your elbow are how the string absorbs shock and dissipates vibration before it gets to your arm.  The most elastic string tends to be natural gut followed by multi-filament synthetic gut. The problem with the more elastic strings is that they tend to be more pricey and their additional power often comes with a corresponding loss of control. The key is to find a string that is elastic and thus “arm-friendly”, while sacrificing the least control. Some of the better multi-filament synthetic guts can accomplish this while keeping price within reason. The other option is to go with a hybrid string, which places the stiffer less expense more durable strings in the mains, while placing the elastic softer “arm-friendly” strings in the cross, attempting to give you all the benefits of the softer strings while bringing down the price and lasting longer. It could take a lot of trial and error to find what is the best string for you, as it has for me. In an attempt to make it easier for you I have narrowed down what I have found to be my favorite natural gut string, my favorite multifilament synthetic gut string and my favorite hybrid string. Also, I have consistently found that it is considerably less expense to bring your own pre-purchased string to your stringer then to have your stringer supply his own strings from which you will have a much smaller choice and the strings that were available when you last checked could be out of stock when you need them in a crunch.